Recent Wishes

Jake’s fish supper with Rick Stein

Jake and Rick Stein

Keen angler Jake wished to meet and cook with chef Rick Stein. Starlight arranged for Jake to meet Rick at his flagship seafood restaurant in Padstow. The two spent a fish filled afternoon together, first selecting what to cook in Stein’s Fisheries & Seafood Bar and then descaling and preparing the fish together. Jake and [...]

George meets his music hero Wiz Khalifa

George meets Wiz Khalifa

Eighteen-year-old George was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and wished to meet American rapper Wiz Khalifa. Wiz’s music has been a huge inspiration to George throughout his treatment. Starlight organised for George and his girlfriend Hollie to travel to San Francisco to meet George’s hero Wiz Khalifa and watch his concert. Here’s the moment they [...]

Summer-Louise becomes a zookeeper for the day

Summer-Louise makes friends on her wish!

Seven-year-old Summer-Louise suffered from intestinal failure as a baby and relies heavily on medication to manage her condition. Summer-Louise is a huge animal lover and hopes to become a zookeeper when she’s older.  Summer-Louise wished to give her dream career a trial run by being a zookeeper for the day. Starlight arranged for Summer-Louise and [...]

Diana’s puppy love

Diana and Lola

Seven-year-old Diana has always dreamed of owning her own dog. When she was referred to Starlight for a wish, she asked to have a pug puppy and a photo shoot in some beautiful gardens with her new pet. Diana has named her gorgeous pug Lola and the two are already best friends! Check out what [...]

Ed’s enchanting Harry Potter World experience!

Ed and the Harry Potter 'Knight' Bus

Seventeen-year-old Ed was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma at the age of fourteen, a rare disease in which cancer cells are found in the bone or in soft tissue. Ed underwent intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy to battle the cancer  and had to have two ribs taken out so that the 20cm tumour, could be removed. It [...]

Kiki has a whale of a time in San Diego!

Kiki meets a friendly Beluga whale

Nine-year-old Kiki was born with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder that causes the lungs and digestive system to become clogged with mucus, making it hard to breathe and digest food. She has to take 58 different drugs a day to manage her condition. Kiki spends hours watching documentaries on animals, especially marine fish and mammals [...]

Thomas horses around with Pat Parelli

Thomas meets Pat Parelli

Thomas was born with spina bifida, hydrocephalus and epilepsy. As a result of his condition, Thomas is confined to a wheelchair and has had over 50 operations including major surgery to remove part of his skull to relieve the pressure on his brain. Despite this, he always has a smile on his face and never [...]

Andrew’s Greek Odyssey

All aboard!

Seven-year-old Andrew was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in October 2012 at the age of three. Since then, he’s undergone 18 cycles of chemotherapy, 23 general anaesthetics and several operations. It was Andrew’s greatest wish to fly in a plane and swim in a warm sea so Starlight sent Andrew and his family to the [...]

Mermaid Shannon’s magical tail

Shannon's mermaid wish

Sixteen-year-old Shannon has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, an extremely painful disorder of the connective tissue which can result in bone breakages and join dislocations. Shannon has always dreamed of becoming a mermaid and adores Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. With the help of the Give Kids The World Village in Florida, Starlight granted Shannon’s wish and [...]

Princess Rosie’s royal day out

Princess Rosie rides through London in a horse drawn carriage

Eleven-year-old Rosie was born with Tetraplegic Cerebral Palsy and needs 24-hour care. Starlight granted Rosie’s wish to be a princess for the day and ride in a horse drawn carriage. Watch the film!

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