Recent Wishes

Sienna’s day as a Princess

the Princesses!

Four-year-old Sienna has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Her greatest wish was to be a princess and so Starlight organised a very special day for Sienna and sister Saffron.

Thomas meets hero, Fernando Torres

Thomas and Matthew with Fernando Torres

A huge football fan, Thomas’s wish-of-a-lifetime was to watch his favourite team, Chelsea, play and to meet some on the players.

A dip at Discovery Cove makes dreams come true for Max

Big smiles from Max and the dolphin

Max’s greatest wish was to swim with dolphins and so Starlight sent him, his sister Daisy and Mum and Dad off to Discovery Cove, Florida where they were all able to share this experience with him.

Ryan’s shopping spree

Ryan with some of his shopping!

Ryan’s Starlight wish was to have a shopping spree wish on Oxford street to get some new sports clothes for when he is well enough to start excercising again.

Leah goes to the seaside

Leah at the seaside

Leah is 10 years old and has lung disease. Her Starlight wish was to go on holiday to the seaside.

Kalin’s indoor skydive

Kalin's indoor skydive

Kalin is 14 years old and has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Never one to shirk an adventure, Kalin’s wish was to have an indoor skydive at the indoor skydive centre in Milton Keynes.

A Gibson Les Paul guitar for Jack

Jack with his guitar

Jack is 18 years old and suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

An avid musician, his greatest wish was to have his very own Gibson Les Paul guitar.

Rahil goes to Space Camp

With his certificate

Rahil is mad about everything to do with space and very knowledgeable about it too.

It was no suprise then, that his Starlight wish was to go on holiday to Turkey where he could participate in a Space Camp.

A photoshoot for Sophie and her best friend

Sophie and her best friend Jess

17-year-old Sophie has cystic fibrosis. Sophie’s wish was to have a makeover and photo shoot with her best friend, Jess.

Sophie meets her musical heroes, Muse

Sophie and the band

Sophie is 18 years old and suffers from cystic fibrosis. Her Starlight wish was to meet her musical heros, the band Muse.

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