What We Do With Donations

Where_does_my_money_go_2012Starlight is only able to help thousands of children each year thanks to the kindness and fundraising efforts of the general public, companies and trust funds. Starlight does not receive funding from the Government or the National Lottery.

We promise you that your hard-earned donations will be spent wisely: 93p in every £1 you raise helps Starlight’s sick children.

Here are just a few examples of what your donations or fundraising could achieve:

The magic of a Starlight Party


£12 gives a hospitalised child the chance to escape into a world of fun at a Starlight Party


£25 pays for two children to laugh their way through a Starlight Pantomime


£50 brings a family together to enjoy a very special Starlight Escape out of hospital

Starlight distraction box in usespace

£100 provides a Starlight Distraction Box which helps take a child’s mind off distressing medical procedures

Clara arrives at the studios in style!


£200 – £500 gives a seriously ill child the full star treatment on their wish including stretch limo

spaceA wish come true

£2,500 enables a very ill child to experience the magic of swimming with dolphins

Starlight Fun Centre


£3,000 would pay for a Starlight Fun Centre for your local hospital or hospice