Starlight Fun Centres

Starlight Fun Centres provide entertainment for children in hospital

Over 1,320 Starlight Fun Centres have now been donated to hospitals and hospices across the UK, helping to banish the boredom and fear of hospital stays.

Each Starlight Fun Centre comes loaded with an HD TV, Blu-ray player, a Nintendo Wii with four controllers, nun-chucks and steering wheels, a Nintendo Fitboard, four Nintendo DSi consoles and a library of films and games. They provide non-stop entertainment and distraction for children fighting illness and recovering from injury in children’s hospital wards and hospices across the UK.

Playing on the Starlight Fun Centre makes children feel less anxious and worried about illness and treatment. The interactive games, especially Wii Fit, encourage children to get out of bed and move around, which aids healing and recovery. Happy children really do get better quicker.

We would like to thank Nintendo for donating all the Nintendo kit in every Starlight Fun Centre – this project would not be possible without the support of Nintendo and we are hugely grateful for their ongoing support.