Nigel Marven

A British wildlife presenter, television producer, author and ornithologist, Nigel Marven is known for his unique, spontaneous and daring style of presenting wildlife documentaries, including Prehistoric Park and, most recently, Panda Week with Nigel Marven.

Nigel became involved with Starlight in 2010 when he granted the wish of a child who was very unwell with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.┬áIn the same year, Nigel very kindly hosted a Starlight escape when he was able to share his passions with a group of young nature enthusiasts. This fantastic day out was featured in Channel 5’s documentary series about Starlight, Starlight: For The Children.

Nigel has seen first-hand how both a wish and a special day out can make such a positive difference to very poorly children whose lives are often dominated by hospital visits and treatment.