Blenheim Ball event guidelines

At Starlight we ask our guests, sponsors, speakers, and Starlight colleagues to create a safe and inclusive environment, ensuring we all have a positive experience at our Starlight events. The guidelines below set our how we will all create a positive event experience.

  • We will not carry out any form of harassment, bullying or antisocial behaviour towards each other.
  • We will always communicate inclusively and appropriately towards each other.
  • We will behave respectively towards each other.
  • We will not use Sexist, racist or exclusionary jokes or language whilst at a Starlight event.
  • We will not carry out any illegal activity whilst at the event

Ignoring the above guidelines and actively displaying signs of harassment, bullying or antisocial behaviour at our events could result in you being asked to leave the event without explanation. Where illegal activity is carried out we may have a duty to report this to the police or appropriate authority.

Starlight is here for you…

Thank you for enjoying our events and creating a positive experience. If you notice that someone at the event whether it’s a guest, a Starlight event team member, a sponsor or speaker, is not acting appropriately and creating a negative event experience then please contact a one of the Starlight event team immediately. We will ensure where possible the report will be treated as confidential, we will all avoid disclosing information until we have had sufficient time to address the situation. We do not participate in public shaming and will deal with the report as and when is appropriate to not provoke a further negative experience at the event.