Over 500 people joined Starlight at the 23rd annual Popham Escape for a day of adrenaline-fueled action!

Guests from local hospitals and hospices, as well as children who have had a wish granted by Starlight, took to the skies in planes and helicopters. Back on solid ground there were plenty of other unique experiences on offer; from racing motorbikes and cars, both vintage and modern, around the track, to driving your very own hovercraft!

If adrenaline seeking wasn’t their thing, there were plenty of other activities for families to get stuck into, such as arts and crafts and pony rides… or challenging Starlight staff to a dance off!

Days like these are invaluable to the seriously ill children and their families, giving them a chance to escape the day-to-day reality of treatment and create lasting memories as a family.

Our hospital felt we needed a special treat, having spent so much time with both children in and out of hospital over the past 18 months. It takes over your life, the medication, the therapies, the appointments and the worry. Caring chews you up and spits you out, you have less sleep, less money, less time, less enjoyment, less friends and less smiles.

But the smiles that you do have are not taken for granted, you savour them, wait for them and lock them inside, to keep you going when times get hard.

Today is one of those days, we rode horses, trains, hovercrafts, motorcycles, drove cars, danced, had faces painted, laughed and we even flew in light aircrafts. My beautiful family will treasure today for ever.

Starlight you are utterly amazing- your staff, your volunteers and all those who made today so very special for my beautiful children.  I haven’t laughed, smiled or felt so relaxed in such a long time.

Laura, mum to patient

Over 200 volunteers make the day what is it. From those who offer their vehicles, to our amazing corporate volunteers who make sure the event runs smoothly we couldn’t do it without you! Particular thanks to Popham Airfield, without whom we could not continue to provide such a special day to our guests.

Find out how you can help us to provide more unforgettable Escapes such as these for seriously ill children and their families by clicking the link below.