As we are promoting Freedom to Play this summer, we want to make sure everything we do is accessible to everyone.

Here are a number of modified or alternative exercises incorporating a skipping rope that can be offered to replace the traditional skipping method for those taking part in the Skip for Starlight Challenge.

Wheelchair users: modified skipping action

1. You will need a relatively large area to do this as you will be rolling forwards whilst doing the arm action of a traditional skip
2. Place the skipping rope on your lap
3. Make sure you have a clear path in front of you
4. Using your hands, build a bit of speed (approx. 3 rotations of your wheel)
5. Pick up your skipping rope and with one handle in each hand swing over your head in a forward motion until your wheelchair rolls over the rope.
6. Carry on with the circle motion until the rope is back behind you.
7. Repeat action until your wheelchair loses momentum and repeat steps until you reach the desired amount of skips for your session

You could also adapt this so a friend, family member or carer does the arm movement for you by following behind your chair and passing the rope over both of you (just don’t go so fast they can’t keep up!)

Wheelchair users: alternative to skipping action

If you don’t have the space to do the above option or you would rather stay stationary, you can simply do the arm movements.

1. Hold the handles in each hand and swing from behind you, over your head in a forward motion
2. Then, swing the rope back over your head in a backwards motion.
3. That counts as 2 skips. Repeat this action until your reach 100 skips, either throughout the day or in one sitting, it’s completely up to you!

If you can only use one arm, that’s absolutely fine, simply hold both handles in one hand and carry out the same steps as above.

Participants with disabilities: low impact option

Rather than jumping over the skipping rope, you can either leap or step with one foot going first to lessen the impact on landing.

Participants with disabilities: limited mobility options

If you don’t have full mobility in your arms, simply lay the skipping rope on the floor and jump or step over it, forwards and backwards (each way counting as 1 skip).

If you have limited mobility in one of your legs such as a weak ankle or knee you might want to try skipping one legged, or as above, lay the skipping rope on the ground and hop over on your mobile leg.