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How we help families

Being in hospital or experiencing illness as a child can be stressful and challenging for the whole family.

We listen to children and their families, draw on the research on play and our own research to understand the most effective services.

Mindfulness playpack - A free downloadable pack full of fun games and activities that'll help you and your child stay centred, de-stressing from the world around you. 

We're collaborating with toy manufacturer One For Fun to release our very own line of Starlight-inspired Dream Beams cuddly toys!

In anticipation of their upcoming release, you can find out more here

Keep your eyes peeled as we'll soon be releasing some quick guides on how to help your little (and not so little) ones cope with scary treatments such as blood tests, general anaesthetic, and more!

An important part of children's play is allowing them to learn, process emotions, reflect on experiences and ask questions.

  • Pushing a doll in a pram
  • Pretending to be a super-hero
  • Going shopping and “paying” for items
  • Creating a shop with empty food cartons and toy money
  • Playing library with library cards and a “scanner”
  • Playing zookeeper with stuffed animals, food and water bowls, leashes, etc.
  • Playing post office with envelopes and stickers for stamps
  • Pretending to visit the doctors/hospital/dentist

Sensory play:

Bubbles, water play, slime, foil/tissue paper/ribbons, mirrors, musical instruments.

Sensory bottles:

How to Make Sensory Bottles: Simple Tips & Creative Ideas (

Sensory board:

DIY Sensory Boards | KavyaVinay (