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Box services

Our range of boxes contain toys and activities specifically selected to help children relax. 

When children are distracted by and engaged in play, treatment can be carried out quickly and effectively, with minimal stress for the child. 

Starlight services currently available.

July - Distraction Box Refill, Prep Box and Sensory Box.

August - Distraction Box Refill, Play Essentials Box, Sensory Box, Baby Box and Story Box.

September - Distraction Box Refill, Play Well Box, Sensory Box and Play in Healthcare Week Box.

Box applications close on the 14th each month. For example, if you would like a Baby Box in July, you need to apply before the 14th of June.

Containing tools and resources to support the first years of development through play.

We've developed this selection of activities and interactive toys to support play professionals to build relationships with babies and their families.

From stress balls to push poppers, groan tubes to maracas, our Sensory Boxes are designed to encourage children with additional needs to relax with fun, interactive toys, and games to support their individual needs.

Designed to provide healthcare professionals with a toolkit of resources to help distract and reassure children during procedures and in other stressful situations, including toys, games and puzzles, to help children feel less anxious before, during and after tests and treatments.

All the goodies inside help capture children’s attention, bring smiles to their faces, and help them cope. 

Please note we’re currently only providing Distraction Box refills.

Supporting children over 10 years old. It is full of cosy, calming and restorative things that aim to help young people relax and engage, including puzzles, games and other activities.

Designed to encourage children over three years old to engage with immersive storytelling, in their own way. We have included different ways of engaging with the stories, including:

  • An audio tool which brings stories to life for children.
  • Arts and crafts activities linked to the stories included in the box.
  • Activities which support children to become enthralled in the story, including dress up play.

This box provides play professionals with the tools they need to help explain scary treatments or procedures to children on their level, to ease anxiety before, during or after.

Designed to provide the ‘must have’ resources on wards and in other healthcare settings. The box includes:

  • Ways to enable children to personalise their bed space, e.g. fairy lights.
  • Reward charts.
  • Arts and crafts.

Resources for health play professionals

Are you working with a child or young person who deserves a celebration or award? Use our free print off PDF certificates to show off their achievements with pride!

Bubble certificate - green

Bubble certificate - orange

Framed certificate - green

Use our free downloadable reward charts to keep track of whatever you like!

Reward chart - blank

Reward chart - with the days of the week

Here's a place to document interaction and support provided to children and their families.

Audit Sheet - double

Audit Sheet - single

Descriptions of the role of a health play specialist and a playworker. Use these to display within healthcare settings, so everyone can understand these roles.

Health play specialist role

Playworker Role

A document used by health play professionals to document a child's development when in hospital, for long-term or reoccurring stays. This can support their development progress and limit development regression.

Play Programme

Play Programme Example

A document to share with medical teams, to enable them to highlight a child who can benefit from the input from a play specialist.

Play Specialist Referral Form

A document for health play teams to use to document the cleaning of play resources, to meet infection control guidance.

Weekly Cleaning Log

A sign to use on wards, procedure rooms, and medical areas to remind staff to call for a health play specialist to support the procedure. It gives details of each area of procedure support and how a play specialist can help.


To be used in healthcare settings to support a child routine, help them to know what to expect throughout the day and to give consistency to each day.

Download timetable

Social stories can be used as a way of explaining in simple steps, the process of a procedure or hospital visit. Using Widgit symbols to aid understanding.

Blood tests

MRI Scan



A hospital passport is a way to document a child’s needs, like and dislikes and about them. This document can move with a child through different wards and settings to give continuity of care and help healthcare professionals to understand a child’s holistic needs. 

Hospital Passport

Meet our Health Play Team

Meet Lucy, Ellie, Lowri and Keshia

We’re working with partners in paediatric palliative care and hospitals across the UK to fund four health play professionals.

Hear about their important work in blog posts from Keshia and Ellie.

Play has a vital role in providing these children with that little bit of normality; whether it be for a day or months on end. As play staff, we are there to try make the hospital experience a positive one.

Other ways we help

There's more to Starlight than boxes (although we think they're pretty great!). We offer a variety of resources to meet the play needs of children of all ages.