Our Distraction Boxes are full of toys, games and puzzles – but that’s nowhere near the whole story. Because really they’re full of ways to help children feel less anxious before, during and after tests and treatments. They’re full of ways to capture children’s attention. They’re full of ways to help children smile and believe they can cope – and when you’re young and in hospital, that matters more than ever.

Thank you for supporting this great resource, it makes a huge difference when treating young people.

To be able to distract patients from medical interventions and clinical surroundings with items which are familiar to them helps to ease anxiety and make the experience much better.


Apply for a Distraction Box

If you’re a healthcare professional who works with seriously ill children, complete a Distraction Box application form and we’ll get right back to you. We send an average of three Distraction Boxes to UK hospitals and hospices every day, and we’ll do everything we can to rush one out to you too.

Refill your Distraction Box

We know how it goes. You’re helping a child to cope with a tricky treatment or test using a Distraction Box toy or puzzle, and you realise that asking for it back is only going to make things harder.
So you do what any of us would do and let them keep it – and soon your Distraction Box starts to look a bit empty. No problem. Complete the form and we’ll send a Distraction Box refill kit your way asap.


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Boost Boxes

When nurses need to cheer up a child in hospital, they reach for a Starlight Boost Box. But what’s inside?

Starlight Escapes

Flying days. Boat parties. Film screenings. Every year we organise epic days out for children and their families.

How you can help

The many ways you can brighten children’s lives


With your support, we’ll reach even more children