Starlight Gaming Bundle

As part of our mission to support children, young people and families to escape the routine and reality of living with a serious illness, we are delighted to be able to offer healthcare professionals the opportunity to apply for a Starlight Gaming Bundle for their hospital/hospice.

A Starlight gaming bundle will contain the following:

-A Nintendo Switch console with standard accessories and game cartridge
-A Nintendo 3DS console with standard accessories and game cartridge
-Information Booklet

Please note that supply of bundles is limited. If you would like more information on eligibility criteria please email [email protected]

The Starlight Gaming bundles have been an invaluable resource in helping our patients, children & young people deal with the anxieties they feel in hospital. The bundle helps normalise the day for children, makes their time in hospital fun and also provides an effective form of distraction when patients have to have procedures done such as blood tests and cannulation.

You Play They Play

Streaming for Starlight

Love Gaming? Streaming for Starlight is our programme to unite streamers to help fundraise to support vital services, such as our gaming bundles, that provide play and entertainment to seriously ill children in and out of hospital.