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Imagine what it’s like to spend days or weeks in hospital as a child, waking up every day to the same worries. Then imagine what it feels like to wake up one day to watch musicians, actors and dancers leaping around in front of you.
Our Starlight Pantomime Crew and Starlight Storytellers tour the UK throughout the year, putting on unforgettable shows and bringing a little happiness to hospitals and hospices.

With hospital visits currently on hold we are looking into how to virtually bring the fun of the theatre to children in isolation this Christmas.

When you’re in hospital, it can be difficult to imagine life beyond your ward. But our Starlight Pantomime Crew and Starlight Storytellers are experts in creating whole new worlds and helping kids’ imaginations to run wild. We’ve put on shows from Beauty and the Beast to The Wizard of Oz to Dick Whittington, transporting thousands of children well away from their fears. Each show lasts an hour, but we often hear weeks and months later just how much they meant.


of hospital staff surveyed agreed that it gives children access to entertainment that they wouldn’t normally experience outside of the hospital or hospice

The professionalism and the commitment the Storytellers have, travelling throughout the country and doing shows way up at the top of Scotland and way down the bottom of England. Just bringing that joy, that professionalism and that escapism to families and staff. It is quite hard to describe as you just have to be there to see the magic it creates.

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Injections seem a lot less scary when you’re playing with a kaleidoscope. Find out what’s in our Distraction Boxes.

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Flying days. Boat parties. Film screenings. Every year we organise epic days out for children and their families.

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