TheRockinR is a gaming cart made for the medical environment. Either an XBox S series or Nintendo Switch console can be stored inside a medical grade, lockable compartment that is secure and infection control safe. It’s equipped with an integrated screen and two controllers. The XBox S series console comes with the ability to use Disney+ and Netflix subscriptions, but both consoles have all the latest games pre-downloaded ensuring play can continue even when WiFi is poor.

Gaming is increasingly being realised in research and in practice as a valuable resource for providing psychological and social support to children and young people with medical conditions. TheRockinR and Starlight have witnessed firsthand the positive impact gaming can have on the emotional wellbeing of children and young people. We hope that through our partnership with TheRockinR many healthcare settings will be able to offer this resource to their children during treatment and inpatient stays.

If you would like to register your hospital’s interest in receiving one of TheRockinR Gaming Carts, please fill out our form below and someone from our Hospital Services team will get back to you when applications are live!

We are all over the moon with the arrival of TheRockinR Gaming Cart. It has already been a huge help in calming the children visiting our ward and relieving the worries of their parents. Its amazing what a difference this is going to make!

Lauren Watts, Specialist Nurse Practictioner