The Starlight Cake bake

The Starlight Cake Bake

Hosting a Starlight Cake Bake is a tasty way to help seriously ill children play, smile and do what they love. Simply make your favourite cakes, biscuits, tray bakes and buns (and, even better, ask your friends and family to rustle up their favourites too). Then choose a day and a venue, invite everyone you know to come along, and sell your terrific treats for Starlight. It’s a guaranteed winner for one simple reason – people love cake.

Join me, sign up now and dazzle your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours etc. with your creations

Nadiya Hussain

Bake Sale Ideas

The Starlight Cake Bake takes place all year round – so you can choose the date and time that works best for you. We’re always here to share our favourite tips. For example, if you’re hosting an event at work, try to set up your table in reception, put up plenty of bake sale posters and think about holding it on a Monday so people can bake over the weekend. Boost your fundraising with a raffle and a guess the sweets in the jar competition. And – crucially – make sure you save a slice of something for yourself.

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