Textile Recycling

Starlight’s Textile Recycling Hero Scheme

Are you a school or are you part of a PTA for your child’s school and looking for an efficient and eco friendly way to raise funds?

Well Starlight have partnered up with TW Beaumonts and D Robinsons & Co Textile recycling to help you responsibly discard your unwanted clothing, shoes, bags, hats and belts whilst also helping seriously ill children across the UK. It’s also a great way to educate children on the importance of recycling and reducing landfill.

How it works

There are two ways you can be part of Starlight’s Textile Recycling Hero Scheme:

  • Have your own Recycling Bin

If you are willing to commit for 12 months and are in an area one of the companies we benefit from operates, they will arrange for your school or club’s very own personalised recycling bin to be delivered and placed at your school.  They will then arrange to regularly empty the bin and to keep it and the surrounding area clean.  The beauty of this is that a bin will generate a regular year-round income for your school.  Dependant on where you position your bin, you can also benefit from the local community recycling as well as pupils, families and staff.


  • Hold a Recycling Week

If the thought of having a recycling bin straight away is a little daunting, then why not try having a recycling week?  All you have to do is choose one week during which you ask all your pupils, club members or friends to collect any unwanted clothes, household linen, shoes, handbags and belts.

Either way, the relevant Starlight partnered textile recycling company will arrange the collection of the textiles, free of charge, at a time convenient to you and shortly after this you will receive a cheque to help pay for precious resources for your school or club.


If you would like to recycle for Starlight please complete the form below.