Streaming for Starlight

Love gaming? Then why not turn your passion into priceless cash and give seriously ill children more moments of happiness? Gaming fundraising is as simple as it is brilliant. Set yourself a challenge – like a gaming marathon. Tell your friends what you’re doing. Livestream yourself and ask for donations while you do it. We can help with everything from setting up a stream to adding a donation button to your feed. Are you ready to play?

“The Starlight Gaming bundles have been an invaluable resource in helping our patients, children & young people deal with the anxieties they feel in hospital. The bundle helps normalise the day for children, makes their time in hospital fun and also provides an effective form of distraction when patients have to have procedures done such as blood tests and cannulation.”

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Your donation will help Starlight support seriously ill children in the UK

Could help Starlight deliver a pantomime for children in hospital