Star Jump for Starlight

100 star jumps. 30 days.

100 star jumps. 30 days.

This November, we’re challenging you to do 100 star jumps a day and raise money to help us deliver play where it’s needed most.

Across the UK, hospitals are struggling without the equipment they need to make play happen for the children in their care. So this Christmas, we’re going to deliver play to hospitals that are going without – and to the children who need it most. And you can help!

It’s time to raise money and get jumping: at home, in the gym, on your own, or with your friends and family. Even if you haven’t star-jumped since childhood, we’re sure you still remember how! Raise £10 and we’ll even send you a free t-shirt to help you look the part.

Our star jumping challenge is happening on Facebook. Sign up, join our friendly group and set up your Facebook fundraiser to get started and share your progress.

Not on Facebook? See below for other ways to join in.

Fundraise on JustGiving

Fundraise on JustGiving

Don’t have Facebook? No problem!

Click the button to fill in our sign-up form and then set up your fundraising page on JustGiving. You can still join in with all the fun and get a t-shirt once you’ve raised £10.

You can find all of the fundraising materials, ideas and digital assets you need to get started in our handy pack.

That includes a tracker for your jumps, our top fundraising tips, an offline sponsorship form, a poster, a press release template (why not try and get in your local paper?!) and all the info you need to help you set up and edit your Facebook fundraiser.