The Star Jump Challenge

The Star Jump Challenge

100 Star Jumps a day, every day in November! Could you complete this challenge and help us bring play and distraction to children in hospital?

Every child needs and deserves to play, it is crucial for their emotional and social development. However, the COVID-19 crisis has made this so much more challenging for seriously ill children in hospital, and at home. Every penny you raise through your 3000 Star Jumps in November will help us support seriously ill children in hospital.

Click below to join our Facebook Group and take part in the challenge through your own Facebook Fundraisers page!

Facebook Fundraising FAQs

What is a Facebook Fundraiser?

A fundraising page which you set-up and run within Facebook. (Psst – click here to set yours up if you haven’t already)

How do I share it with my Facebook Friends?

As soon as you set it up, it will appear in your friends Newsfeeds. You can invite your friends to your fundraiser so they can sponsor you. And don’t forget to write posts in your fundraiser so that people can see how you’re getting on with your challenge.

How long does a Facebook Fundraiser last?

When you set up your Facebook Fundraiser it will have asked you an end date. You should make sure that this is set to 5th December so that people can sponsor you right up until the end of the challenge.

What is the best way to raise lots of money with Facebook Fundraisers?

It’s a fun challenge – so let people know this! Post regular updates on your Facebook Fundraisers which make people feel involved in your challenge. Share videos and selfies of your challenge, and tag your friends!

What % of the money does Facebook take?

0% – this is a major advantage of Facebook over the other fundraising platforms. All donations go directly to Starlight.