It’s time to play.

Half of all seriously ill children in hospitals across the UK do not have access to play to help them cope with the anxiety, fear and uncertainty that comes with treatment.

This Christmas, will you join us to reach 300 more hospitals to make play happen at the time it is needed most?

More than half of all UK hospitals are without the budget or resources they need to make play happen for the seriously ill children in their care, meaning they do not have what they need to address the anxiety and uncertainty of treatment.

Starlight are committing to deliver essential toys, games, books and immersive entertainment to 300 hospitals that don’t currently have our resources and are most urgently in need of our support.

This Christmas, will you join us to ensure that seriously ill children across the UK experience the escape, distraction and power of play at the time they need it most?

Watch our campaign video below to hear from Play Specialist Julie on the difference Starlight make to NHS professionals and the children who depend on them.

Then, scroll down to find out how you can get involved in our #TimeToPlay campaign (and to download some special Christmas treats!)

“As we don’t have the money, support from Starlight is great. Whenever we get a delivery it feels like Christmas!”

Sue Marshall, Health Play Specialist