Captain Starlight meets Aron at Watford Hospital

Captain Starlight is visiting hospitals and hospices across the UK.
Check out what the Captain’s have been up to this week:

Captain Starlight’s rocket ship blasted down from Planet Starlight to Watford Hospital for a day of fun and laughter.

We were greeted on the Starfish Ward by the lovely Play Specialists and children that were awaiting our visit.

We played games and sang songs, opened our nail salon, solved farm yard puzzles and even performed a magic show.

Our last visit of the day was when we met our new awesome friend Aron (pictured). It turns out that Aron is actually a Bollywood Superstar Choreographer and boy were we in for a treat!

Captain Starlight got a masterclass in all things Bollywood and with Aron’s expertise, it resulted in what some have called “The greatest performance of all time”. We were about to catch the Rocket Ship to Mumbai to continue on our path to stardom when superstar Aron (through fits of giggles and laughter) gave us one final piece of advice:¬†“Even though you get a 10 out of 10 for performance, you’re still in need of more expression…”

So alas, Bollywood is on hiatus but the incredible children of the U.K. will continue to impart their wisdom and expertise, as our rocket ship travels from hospital to hospital throughout the country.

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