Captain Starlight meets Lego extraordinaire Henry

Captain Starlight is visiting hospitals and hospices across the UK. Check out what the Captains have been up to this week:

The rocket ship was fueled, the ukulele was tuned and the next stop on Captain Starlight’s UK whirlwind tour, was James Cook University Hospital in Middlesborough.

We landed the rocket ship, threw on our capes and were ready for the fun and laughter to begin.

We met the one and only, Lego building extraordinaire Henry! We were lucky enough to have an inside tour of his models to date: his tractor, shark tank and most importantly, his space ship. Which apparently ventures to Planet Starlight!

Henry was in his bed, dressed in his Galaxy outfit and explained that his space ship was missing one very important thing…an astronaut!

What a coincidence…! Captain Starlight had invited their next door neighbor Jim the Astronaut for a trip down to Planet Earth. Henry and Jim instantly bonded over their Space Travels and it turns out, Henry spoke the secret language of Astronaut.