Heidi sings Captain Starlight her special song

Captain Starlight is visiting hospitals and hospices across the UK. Check out what the Captains have been up to this week:

When Captain Starlight met five-year-old Heidi, things became silly, very quickly.

Heidi loves music, singing, and dancing but sometimes singing in front of people gives her stage fright and she feels a little embarrassed when people watch her singing.

Captain Starlight asked Heidi what her most favourite song ever in the world was, and she said it was her ‘special song’. Heidi told the two Captain Starlight’s that they could listen to her sing this song if they faced the wall with their eyes closed.

“No peeking!” she said. “We won’t, we promise!” said Captain Starlight.

Heidi then had just the right amount of courage to show everyone in the room her ‘special song’

“La! Lahh! LA! Lalala! La La!”

The whole room erupted into a huge applause, and everyone cheered Heidi for singing such an amazing song!

And in that moment, Heidi wasn’t thinking about being in hospital, she wasn’t thinking about doctors, or nurses, or about which appointments she had today, she was smiling and having fun, and felt so special and brave that she could show someone her ‘special song’ that she wrote.

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