Lights, camera, ROAR!

Five Starlight children were treated to a special day out at the Bottle Yard studios in Bristol with naturalist and TV presenter Steve Backshall to watch the filming of a new CBBC series called Deadly Dinosaurs.

Alex, Charlie, Dylan, James and Kitty are all dinosaur fans and were very excited about the day. Kitty even brought her impressive fossil collection with her to show Steve and to put his fossil knowledge to the test!

After lunch, Roaming Reptiles, a travelling reptile zoo, arrived. All the children loved meeting and learning about the different animals, particularly Alex, who fell in love with Dorito the snake.

Then it was time to go to watch Steve on set. All the kids found it interesting to see what happens behind-the-scenes and the different elements of filming a TV show. Steve and the crew decided to hand the scene over to the kids…

With Alex as cameraman, Charlie directing, Dylan on sound, James checking the script and Kitty on the clapper board everyone was in safe hands. The kids were doing a great job but something didn’t look right… a member of the crew disappeared off set and came back with five children sized Deadly Dinosaur crew t-shirts. Now everyone looked the part!

Once ‘it’s a wrap’ was shouted it was time to get ready to head home. After a slice or two of delicious chocolate cake, Alex, Charlie, Dylan, James and Kitty headed home. As Charlie was leaving the studios, he told his dad that it was “the bestest day of his life!”

A huge thank you to Steve, the Deadly Dinosaurs crew and the BBC for making this special day happen.