Mapping Play in Hospital Across the UK

Mapping Play in Hospital Across the UK

Invitation to Tender

Starlight is seeking to commission an individual or agency to undertake some scoping research using Starlight, public and FOI data, to help us build a profile of play in hospital across the UK.

We have a strong understanding of our reach and impact, but we need to further understand the wider context of the reach and impact of our work, and the extent to which we and others are addressing the needs of all children in hospital. This piece of research would help Starlight understand what the state of play in hospital is in the UK, where the greatest need for our services is and where the gaps in our services are.

As part of the tendering process, we are currently inviting interested parties to submit an expressions of interest for all or components of the work by the 14/10/2021. Submissions should be emailed to [email protected].

For further details, please consult our Invitation to Tender document below.