Starlight Fun Centre Appeared on Emmerdale!

The Starlight Fun Centres have been such a hit with young patients in hospitals and hospices across the country that one of these special mobile entertainment units, which is used to distract poorly children as they undergo treatment in hospital, has appeared in ITV’s Emmerdale this week!

Adam Plays on the Wii

In the show, seven year old Sarah Sugden has been diagnosed with Fanconi anaemia and she is in hospital awaiting a bone marrow transplant.  It can be very frightening for children to be unwell in hospital and, like many poorly children in hospitals and hospices across the UK, the Starlight Fun Centre has arrived in Sarah’s room to provide fun, laughter and distraction as she undergoes treatment. 

We were really excited about the appearance of Starlight’s Fun Centre on the show. Just in case you missed the episode which aired on Wednesday 24th October, you can watch it again by clicking here.