Freddie’s Solo English Channel Swim Success!

Freddie swims the channel!

Freddie swims the channel!

At just 17 years of age, Freddie Florin has completed a challenge that most could only dream of! On Monday 15 July at 18.00, he successfully completed his solo swim of the English Channel in an amazing time of 14 hours, 30 minutes and 31 seconds! It appeared Freddie would complete the crossing in a phenomenal 10 hours, but nothing is predictable where water is concerned. The tide turned a fraction quicker than his team expected and away Freddie was swept to the south of the Cap, adding an extra 4 ½ hours to his swim.

Proud father Bertie said “It was one of the bravest swims the crew have ever witnessed… the sheer determination and will power Freddie showed used every last ounce of energy he had left. Needless to say, he recalls nothing of the last tumultuous 2 hours as he battled to get into the bay”.

After many months of gruelling training, this was an extraordinary feat and all done for a good cause – to raise funds for Starlight and Ufton Court Educational Trust.  Freddie raised over £40,000 for his two chosen charities and his efforts will enable Starlight to bring fun, laughter and distraction to very poorly children across the UK.

We caught up with Freddie’s a few days after his swim to find out just what it takes to complete such an epic challenge. For the full interview, click here.

If you want to support Freddie with a donation, please click here.