Cycling sandwich girls pedal from Northern Norway to Southern Italy

Three cycling sandwich delivery ladies from Darwin’s Deli in Wimbledon have taken to their bikes for more than just the daily lunch-round for businesses in South West London. The trio, comprising of Alice Williams, Hazel Learner and Philippa Colby, are cycling a cross-European tour on bicycles to raise money for Starlight Children’s Foundation, the UK’s leading wish granting charity for children with serious and terminal illnesses.

The three ladies will cycle from the Northernmost point of Norway to the Southernmost point of Sicily – a staggering 4,500 miles that the trio will cover in under three months.  They are following the Eurovelo route 7 and are carrying all their own equipment, including tents and stoves, doing their own repairs, and have no support vehicles or guides. 

The cycle, which began on 21 July, is now in full swing, with the trio having covered over half the distance already. 

Alice Williams said of the challenge: “I’ve been cycling around Wimbledon selling sandwiches for the last couple of years, which is how I became interested in the idea of a long distance trip across Europe. It’s great to cycle many miles every day and actually move forward rather than just going round in circles! We’ve covered over 2,000 miles in five weeks so we are confident about hitting the Alps soon.
 “We wanted to support Starlight because both Hazel and Philippa have worked in hospitals, as a doctor and occupational therapist respectively, and they both have first hand experience of how beneficial it can be for sick children to have some happiness and distraction through hospital entertainment and special wishes.  It is a wonderful charity and we are really proud to support its valuable work through our efforts.”
Alice, Hazel and Philippa are hoping to raise £1 for Starlight for every one of the 4,500 miles cycled on the grueling journey.  The money that the trio raises will help provide fun and distraction for poorly children across the United Kingdom, including the three sick children in South West London who are currently hoping to have their wishes granted by Starlight. 
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Contact: Henny Breakwell
Tel: 020 7262 2881 #231
Starlight grants a once-in-a-lifetime wish for seriously and terminally ill children, restoring the magic and fun of childhood and giving the whole family happy memories to share, whatever the future holds.

Starlight also creates entertainment in every hospital and hospice throughout the UK. Sick children go to Starlight parties, laugh their way through pantomimes, go out on Starlight Escapes, play games and watch films on the Starlight Fun Centre, and enjoy the toys and puzzles of the Starlight Distraction Box. Happy children respond better to treatment and Starlight helps children to forget about their illness and simply have a bit of fun.

You can make a donation online or by calling us on 020 7262 2881. For every £1 you donate, Starlight can assure you that 91p goes towards helping very ill children. To refer a child for a wish, simply complete our wish referral form.