Izzie gets a cuddle from Mickey Mouse!

Izzie Maude

Izzie Maude26/10/11 – Six year old Izzie Maude from Poulton-Le-Fylde has had her dearest wish to go to Disneyland Paris granted by Starlight Children’s Foundation, the UK’s leading wish granting charity for children with serious and terminal illnesses. 

Brave Izzie has had to overcome a multitude of medical complications and difficulties since the day she was born.  At just one day old, she underwent surgery because of a condition called Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula, which means that there was an abnormal connection between the esophagus and the trachea. 

Over the years, Izzie has spent a huge amount of time in hospital and required yet another life-saving operation at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital to repair an almost completely collapsed airway, which was being compressed by two abnormally located heart vessels. 

Sadly, Izzie’s breathing problems have continued and, while she is currently undergoing further medical investigation, she requires three types of medication four times a day and has to be on oxygen at home and school.  Her mother Rebecca says that she has had to give up her hobbies and activities as she has to have a heavy oxygen cylinder with her and she is reliant on having an adult with her at all times to monitor her condition. 

When Izzie was referred to Starlight for a once-in-a-lifetime wish, Rebecca told the charity, “We don’t know what the future holds for Izzie and so we are hoping that the answer is just around the corner.  Until then, we are trying to fill her life with enjoyable things that she can look forward to, rather than just planning her life around hospital visits.”

Before her latest set-back, Izzie was a very sporty child who enjoyed football, swimming, climbing and camping trips.  The little girl, who dreams of being a doctor, also loved going on holiday, although her condition has meant that many family trips have had to be put on hold.  As Izzie has often had to stay close to home, her Starlight wish was to go to a holiday theme park where she could have a ‘sleepover’!

Izzie Maude

Rebecca said, “I know that Izzie will love to have her wish granted as she is of an age where is aware that she is a little different from her friends and she gets quite frustrated that she is unable to do a lot of things that that most children take for granted.  A treat like this will hopefully make her a very happy little girl.  She really deserves a treat – she is such a determined, brave little character.”

To make her dream come true, Starlight arranged for Izzie, her parents Jonathan and Rebecca and her sister Millie, to travel to Disneyland Paris where the family could enjoy all the delights and excitements of the park during the day, while experiencing a ‘sleepover’ together at Disney’s Newport Bay Club Hotel.  Designed to emulate a New England seaside resort of the 1870s, the hotel is only minutes from the park and allowed the family easy access to Izzie and her sister Millie’s favourite rides and Disney characters, including Michey Mouse!


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Starlight grants once-in-a-lifetime wishes for seriously and terminally ill children, restoring the magic and fun of childhood and giving the whole family happy memories to share, whatever the future holds.

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