Lama’s in the limelight with Zac Efron on the red carpet

Lama (18) from London, has had her greatest wish to meet Zac Efron granted by Starlight Children’s Foundation, a national charity that grants once in a lifetime wishes to seriously and terminally ill children and creates entertainment in hospitals across the country.

Brave Lama, who has Spina Bifida, has spent her life since infancy in and out of hospital.  Dependent on a ventilator for her breathing and requiring 24 hour care and a wheelchair for mobility, Lama has not been able to enjoy her childhood to the full and has spent the last eleven months in hospital. 

A long-standing fan of Zac Efron, during her illness Lama received a signed picture from the star, who had written the message “Dear Lama, Be Strong”.  Lama’s mother, Wafa, says that this has been extremely inspiring for her daughter through her treatment. 

When the family was introduced to Starlight, Lama decided that her wish would be to meet Zac Efron and, although this seemed to the brave teenager to be an impossible dream, the charity set about making it a reality. 

The dream day arrived and Lama was met at the London clinic where she is currently based by a special Starlight fairy, who had been sent to give the teenager a pampering in preparation of the afternoon ahead.  With her nails painted and hair styled for the red carpet, Lama and her family were taken to Claridges for a tea party that they would never forget …
Zac Efron joined Lama and her family, where he chatted easily with excited Lama.  The High School Musical star then presented Lama with a bracelet that had a line from his favourite film, Back to the Future’ inscribed, which read ‘where we are going we don’t need roads’.  When saying goodbye, beaming Lama thanked Zac and he signed her copy of Charlie St Cloud, the book of the film premiere that both Zac and Lama were due to attend that evening. 
As if by magic, actor Jude Law, who was seated at a nearby table, then came over to meet Lama and her family, who were thrilled to meet him and were charmed by his friendliness. 
The charity had arranged for Lama and her family to walk the red carpet with the rest of the stars at the premiere of Charlie St Cloud and, as she passed hundreds of screaming fans and was greeted at the entrance to the cinema by Zac Efron, Lama’s special day was made complete.  


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Starlight grants a once-in-a-lifetime wish for seriously and terminally ill children, restoring the magic and fun of childhood and giving the whole family happy memories to share, whatever the future holds.

Starlight also creates entertainment in every hospital and hospice throughout the UK. Sick children go to Starlight parties, laugh their way through pantomimes, go out on Starlight Escapes, play games and watch films on the Starlight Fun Centre, and enjoy the toys and puzzles of the Starlight Distraction Box. Happy children respond better to treatment and Starlight helps children to forget about their illness and simply have a bit of fun.

You can make a donation online or by calling us on 020 7262 2881. For every £1 you donate, Starlight can assure you that 91p goes towards helping very ill children. To refer a child for a wish, simply complete our wish referral form.