Oliver takes it easy in his Starlight hot tub

Oliver Bessant, 9, from Portishead, Bristol, has had his greatest wish for a hot tub in the garden granted by Starlight Children’s Foundation, the UK’s leading wish granting charity for children with serious and terminal illnesses.

On holiday in the Isle of Wight a year ago, the Bessant family had access to a hot tub and after only a week Oliver, who suffers with epilepsy, was already noting that his muscles were more relaxed and that he was able to walk longer distances. Emily, Oliver’s mum, said that when they heard about Starlight, it was easy for Oliver to decide what his wish of a lifetime would be. 
Emily said: “Oliver’s condition means that he is often very stiff and uncomfortable and as a result this can limit his mobility. It was clear that the medical benefits of being able to go in a hot tub every day would be huge to Oliver, not to mention the fun he would be able to have splashing around with his family and friends.”
Starlight contacted Spa Crest Europe, who donated the Spa Crest Duke LX hot tub. The facility was installed by Julian Morgan of Aqua Spas, the local Spa Crest dealer, who donated his time and effort free of charge in order to make Oliver’s wish come true. 
Emily commented: “Oliver is absolutely loving it! He is in the hot tub every day and it is making such a difference to him. When we hug him his muscles always felt tight but we have noticed that he is now much more relaxed when we cuddle him.”
Tony Welsby, Business Development Director at Spa Crest Europe, said: “We at Spa Crest Europe were glad to help and supplied and fitted Spa Crest Duke LX hot tub. We visited Oliver’s home and met the family. The ‘handover day’ was a truly heart-warming experience, especially to see Oliver and his little brother getting so much enjoyment from the tub.
“It is also good to hear from Oliver’s mum, Emily, that the tub is giving Oliver a better quality of life, as it assists in relaxing his muscles which, due to his condition, are very often stiff and painful. Starlight does a wonderful job in helping to fullfill the dreams and wishes of seriously and terminally ill children and it has been a pleasure working with both the charity and the family.”


Contact: Henny Breakwell
Email: henny@starlight.org.uk
Tel: 020 7262 2881 #231
Starlight grants a once-in-a-lifetime wish for seriously and terminally ill children, restoring the magic and fun of childhood and giving the whole family happy memories to share, whatever the future holds.

Starlight also creates entertainment in every hospital and hospice throughout the UK. Sick children go to Starlight parties, laugh their way through pantomimes, go out on Starlight Escapes, play games and watch films on the Starlight Fun Centre, and enjoy the toys and puzzles of the Starlight Distraction Box. Happy children respond better to treatment and Starlight helps children to forget about their illness and simply have a bit of fun.

You can make a donation online or by calling us on 020 7262 2881. For every £1 you donate, Starlight can assure you that 88p goes towards helping very ill children. To refer a child for a wish, simply complete our wish referral form.