Robert’s dream computer from Starlight will help him achieve his goals

Robert Crowe with his dream computer

Robert Crowe with his dream computer27/07/11 – Sixteen old Robert Crowe from Andover in Hampshire has had his wish for an Apple MacBook Pro granted by Starlight Children’s Foundation, the UK’s leading wish granting charity for children with serious and terminal illnesses. 

In July 2009, Robert was diagnosed with a malignant bone tumour, which is a form of cancer called Osteosarcoma.  At just fourteen years of age, the news came as a huge shock to Robert and although it took him and his family some time to come to terms with his condition, Robert’s mum Carolyn says that he has learnt to cope with it very well. 

To battle such a serious condition, Robert began a gruelling programme of chemotherapy, which was to include three separate cycles of intensive treatment.  He also required an operation and, beforehand, was told that the procedure could result in him losing a leg.  Although this was a further blow to the teenager, he showed immense bravery and told his parents, “If I do loose my leg, so be it.  I would rather loose my leg than my life.”  Fortunately, the operation was successful but Robert will still need an operation to help him to walk again when he has completed his treatment. 

During his illness, Robert has spent a lot of time in Southampton General Hospital and, as a result, has made many friends with other patients and the medical staff on the hospital’s Piam Brown Ward.  The staff at the hospital referred him to Starlight for a once-in-a-lifetime wish and, after much consideration, Robert, who is very keen on computers, asked the charity for an Apple MacBook Pro.  

With the new ‘must-have’ computer, which Starlight delivered to the teenager with a variety of accessories, Robert has been able to keep in touch with his friends while he is undergoing treatment in hospital.  It also means that, once he has finished his treatment, he will be able to use his MacBook to fulfil his goals of completing his exams at school and undertaking some kind of IT work. 

Robert arranged a giant Easter Egg hunt in his local area in aid of Starlight and is keenly looking for ways to support the charity in addition to the Piam Brown Ward at Southampton General Hospital, which has already received £12,000 from the courageous teenager’s fundraising. 

He said, “I would like to thank Starlight once again.  It is an amazing charity that makes a lot of children very happy when they are seriously ill.”


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Tel: 020 7262 2881 #231

Starlight grants a once-in-a-lifetime wish for seriously and terminally ill children, restoring the magic and fun of childhood and giving the whole family happy memories to share, whatever the future holds.

Starlight also creates entertainment in every hospital and hospice throughout the UK. Sick children go to Starlight parties, laugh their way through pantomimes, go out on Starlight Escapes, play games and watch films on the Starlight Fun Centre, and enjoy the toys and puzzles of the Starlight Distraction Box. Happy children respond better to treatment and Starlight helps children to forget about their illness and simply have a bit of fun.

You can make a donation online or by calling us on 020 7262 2881. For every £1 you donate, Starlight can assure you that 91p goes towards helping very ill children. To refer a child for a wish, simply complete our wish referral form.