Theatre-loving Max takes centre stage with the cast of Jack and The Beanstalk

Max Quinn at Jack and The Beanstalk

13/12/11 – 12 year old Max Quinn from Cheltenham was given the special Starlight treatment when he and his family went to see Jack and The Beanstalk at The Everyman Theatre in Gloucestershire.

Max suffers from Cerebral Palsy and when he was 6 years old he had has wish to go to Disneyland Paris granted by Starlight.  In addition to Disney, Max loves amateur dramatics and going to the theatre and when his family heard that Starlight’s co founder and actress Emma Samms was playing Fairy Twinkletoes, The Good Fairy, in the local panto they were eager to see the show!

Following a wonderful performance of Jack and The Beanstalk, which had Max and his family laughing, booing and crying “he’s behind you”, Max was invited backstage to meet Emma and her co-star Daniel Whitley, who plays Sillie Billie.  Afterwards, Max’s mum Susanne said, “Max had such a wonderful time and has spoken of almost nothing else since!  Thank you so much – it was such a lovely surprise for him.  He loves everything to do with theatre and so it really was a fantastic experience for him.”