Alice’s special birthday outing

In December 2008, Great Ormond Street Hospital got in touch with Starlight to tell us about a special little girl who really needed cheering up.

Alice, who had not been able to leave her room for three weeks and was about to spend her third birthday in hospital, had already had some very long admissions and was suffering from a poor immune system, despite having had a bone marrow transplant.

Starlight worked alongside Alice’s nurses and doctors to make it possible for her to have a special birthday outing. Alice and her family, accompanied by one of her nurses, went to see Joseph in the West End and although Alice was anxious at first, once she was installed and the show began, she loved every minute!

Afterwards, Starlight received a lovely thank you from Alice’s mum and this brilliant picture of Joseph in his technicolored dreamcoat from Alice.

Alice’s mum Laura said: “Afterwards, back in her room, Alice was a different girl; happy, chatty, proud of herself. The very next day she began to get better and we now have a real hope of being home for Christmas. Alice still lives with a life-threatening condition, but keeping her spirits up and a positive attitude for all of us is half the battle.”