John Radcliffe

Starlight provided a number of distraction boxes to the play specialists on the Children’s Ward at the John Radcliffe.

Starlight received a wonderful letter from the senior play specialist at the John Radcliffe a few weeks after they had taken delivery of their distraction boxes.
She said: “The distraction boxes have been very positively received not only by the Play Specialists but also by the medical and nursing staff. Most important of all is the reaction of the children who are always keen to see what interesting things we are going to show them. 
“The colourful box is itself a great distraction and the items inside have all proved popular depending on the individual child. As a team we are extremely grateful for this resource and really appreciate the thought and time that has gone into producing and providing them. We would highly recommend them to all areas where children are undergoing procedures as they really do help make things less stressful if used appropriately.”