Maggie and Rose club together with Virgin Galactic bringing smiles to seriously ill children

Maggie and Rose club and Virgin Galactic Party

Maggie and Rose club and Virgin Galactic PartyWith the help of our friends at Maggie and Rose club together with Virgin Galactic, Starlight invited a group of seriously ill children to enjoy a very special space-inspired party.  The young guests, who were accompanied by their families, were able to decorate giant rockets, dress up as spacemen, make fabulous rocket balloons and even bake yummy rocket biscuits!

During the afternoon, the little wannabe astronauts also enjoyed a bubble disco and a space rocket launch movie, before getting to have their faces painted and playing lots of space-themed games!  Thank you to Maggie and Rose club & Virgin Galactic for making such a wonderful afternoon possible – all of our families had a blast!

Thank you also to Mark Chivers Photography for such brilliant photos of the event!