Starlight Escape to Popham 2011

Finally up at in the air!

Watch out for the Tigers!!!Well, it had to happen one year – very heavy rain all day – I suppose once in fifteen years is a reasonable record?

All the fixed-wing flights and helicopter flights were cancelled, the double decker bus and the land train got stuck and had to be pulled out by a tractor, there were no bikes rides and only about half a dozen car rides before we had to stop because the ground was being torn to shreds, and at the height of the rain, the water was standing about an inch deep on top of the grass and either being a duck or having a boat would have been helpful!

However, we did not allow this to bring us down. Everybody’s Dunkirk spirit came to the fore and there were plenty of smiley faces, fun and laughter from midday through till 4pm.

“The weather may not have been on our side but my children had a fantastic day.” said one parent. “You are truly amazing and the smiles on the kids’ faces were priceless. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Eventually, at the very end, we were able to get one helicopter up in the air and managed 20 or so circuits of the airfield lasting a couple of minutes each (not the usual route) with 4 or 5 passengers each time. So, we were able to fly, albeit only for an hour.