Sergeants Milo and Bradley report for duty

Two boys shared an action-packed day thanks to the King’s Royal Hussars and the Army Air Corps! Twelve-year-old Bradley, who has severe brittle asthma, and four-year-old Milo, who has leukaemia, both had a brilliant day being soldiers.

They spent the day clambering on and in everything — helicopters, Challenger 2 Tanks and Warrior armoured troop carriers. With their brothers and sisters, they also took control of a virtual tank, dispatching the enemy all over the battlefield.

Bradley’s mum and dad said: “Thank you for making Bradley’s wish come true. We all had a fantastic day in the Army. The boys, Bradley and his brothers, enjoyed every minute.”

Milo’s mum added: “It is a day Milo will never forget. He has lived in his Army outfit ever since, and it looks like he is ready to leave home and enlist! Thank you also for making it a special day for Milo’s sisters. It is always easy for people to forget about the effect these illnesses have on the whole family.”