A fish pond for the garden

Fifteen year old Daniel, who suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy, had a rather unusual wish – to have the pond in his back garden raised so he could feed his fish. Due to the excess movements caused by his condition, Daniel finds it hard to stroke animals in case he hurts them.

“Daniel loves placing his hands in water as he finds it incredibly calming. He gets a lot of enjoyment from his garden pond and fish. He also loves watching his dad feed our fish and would love to be able to do this himself,” his mum Gill said.

Daniel used his talker to explain his wish, using the words “hand – water – fish – please”.

Starlight knew just the people to help make Daniel’s wish come true – our lovely friends at Dobbies Garden Centres, who were only too please to help!  Special thanks to Brian Parker, the Chesterfield store manager, and to everyone at Dobbies.