A flight over Europe’s biggest volcano put a smile on Isaac’s face

Isaac was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in September 2006, when he was just four years old,  and has coped really well with his three years of chemotherapy treatments.

Isaac loves action films and dramas involving dinosaurs, helicopters and especially lava-filled volcanoes. When Isaac was asked what he wanted for his wish, he said he wanted ‘to fly in a helicopter over an active volcano’. The wish-granting fairies at Starlight waved their magic wands and transported the family to Sicily, home of Europe’s biggest active volcano. The family had a wonderful time visiting the sites in beautiful Sicily with, of course, the highlight being flying in a helicopter over smouldering Mount Etna!
Isaac’s parents said: “We are incredibly grateful to Starlight. Not only did they make Isaac’s wish come true, but for the first time in nearly three years, we had a real family holiday. Starlight thought of everything, made it all really easy and we all had a superb time. Isaac will never forget the helicopter ride, and he is quite the expert on volcanoes now!”