A MacBook Pro for Robert

Robert and his computer

Robert and his computer

When he was 14 years old, Robert was diagnosed with a malignant bone tumour, which is a form of cancer called osteosarcoma. The news came as a terrible shock to Robert and his family and he began an immensely gruelling programme of chemotherapy that has included three separate rounds of treatment.

 Throughout this time, Robert (now 16) has remained incredibly brave and has learnt to cope with his illness very well. He does, however, miss his friends during the long spells that he has to spend in hospital. When asked what he wanted for his wish, Robert requested a laptop so he could keep in touch with people whilst he is having his treatment.

 So, Starlight provided Robert with a top-of-the-range Apple MacBook Pro, along with plenty of accessories. This will not only enable Robert to keep in contact with his pals, but will also help him achieve his goal of completing his school exams.

 He said: “I would like to thank Starlight again and again. It is an amazing charity that makes a lot of children very happy when they are seriously ill.”