A magical trip to Lapland

Rhys spent three and a half years fighting acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. His parents, Dawn and David, contacted Starlight because they wanted Rhys to have a special wish to celebrate the end of treatment.

Rhys discovered the magical snowy world of Lapland up in the Arctic Circle, where he loved sledging, having snowball fights, building huge snowmen and going on an exhilarating husky sleigh ride. The highlight was a very special encounter with Father Christmas himself!

Dawn said: “Whether we were having exciting reindeer or skidoo sleigh rides or simply playing in the snow, Rhys had a huge smile on his face. This trip means a great to deal to us; it’s been lovely seeing both Rhys and his brother Tomos so happy, and being able to spend time together as a family after everything we’ve been through.”