A special Stereophonics dedication

Eilidh is a true fan of the Stereophonics. She has always loved the voice of vocalist Kelly Jones, and her one wish in the world was to meet both Kelly and the band’s bassist Richard, who is also Kelly’s brother.

Eilidh travelled down from Edinburgh for a special ‘fans only’ gig on 9 June 2004 at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London. She was looking forward to meeting Kelly and Richard so much that she literally shook with excitement en route to the gig in her limousine.

Kelly and Richard made time for Eilidh before going out on stage. Eilidh, who has cerebral palsy and is also blind, was captivated when they introduced themselves and talked to her for half an hour. They gave her Stereophonics t-shirts and even a mounted double platinum disk to put on her wall. However, they did more than grant Eilidh’s wish. After Eilidh made a special request, Kelly sang one extra song — an acoustic version of Pick A Part That’s New just for Eilidh. She just beamed with happiness.