All that ‘Alfie Can’ do

Twelve-year-old Alfie has cerebral palsy – a neurological condition caused by problems in the brain and nervous system. Alfie is bright and cheery, enjoys music, dancing and loves seeing himself in pictures and videos.

Alfie’s condition means he is unable to speak but thanks to a scrap book documenting his achievements, Alfie is able to communicate and tell his story. His Starlight Wish was to take his scrap book to the next level and with the help of app development company, Atom Engine, we were able to do just that!

The ‘Alfie Can’ app is designed to grow with Alfie, tell his story and help everyone involved in his care to be aware of his skills and what he loves. His friends and family can add notes, pictures and videos at any time so everyone can be involved and never miss a moment! ‘Alfie Can’ collects memories and magical moments in photos and videos with just the click of a button so that Alfie can show everyone just what he can do!

‘Alfie Can’ can be updated anywhere through the app or by logging on through the web. Not only is the app made for Alfie, it’s open for all to use so that they can get as much benefit from it as Alfie does.

We would like to give a big thank you to Atom Engine for all their hard work designing and developing the ‘Alfie Can’ app. It is better than we could have ever hoped and we are so excited for it will help not only Alfie but other children as well! Visit their website to learn more about them, or if you’d like to know more about how the app was made, click here.

Find out more about ‘Alfie Can’ here or download the app and start building!