Amber hangs out with Evan Peters in LA

Last year, fourteen-year-old Amber was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma, a tumour in her sinus passage. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma is a very rare form of cancer and when Amber was diagnosed, she was the only child in the UK with it.

Amber was getting pains in the side of her face and thought it was toothache. The dentist x-rayed her face but couldn’t find anything. But a few weeks later the pain still hadn’t subsided so Su, Amber’s mum, took her to the doctors for a blood test to see if she had Lyme Disease but the results came back negative.

It was only six months later when Amber saw an ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT) that they realised what was really going on. The ENT did an MRI and discovered a tumour in Amber’s nasal passage. The tumour was cancerous and a grade three to four tumour.

Amber had to have three different types of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to fight the cancer. She was given the maximum dose of chemotherapy but took the treatment in her stride, always staying positive. She also had six months of interferon beta injections three times a week as part of her treatment after the chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Amber has done amazingly. The treatment was so harsh and she had to have a peg fitted to eat and drink. She just got on with it and didn’t moan once! She is such a star. The last two MRI scans revealed that there is no active tissue left and her consultant says it’s stable.
– Su, Amber’s mum

Amber has always loved horror films and while she was in hospital she started watching the TV series ‘American Horror Story’. She quickly became obsessed with the show and it kept her going through her treatment. One of the main actors in the show is Evan Peters, who also stars in the films X-Men and Kick-Ass, and Amber quickly became his biggest fan.

While she was in hospital, Amber was referred for a wish. She didn’t need to think twice about what she would choose… to meet Evan Peters!

We arranged for Amber and her family to fly out to Hollywood, LA where she was to meet Evan Peters for lunch at Mel’s Drive-In. Amber couldn’t believe it when Evan walked through the door and was so overwhelmed that she burst into tears when she saw him!

I’m so happy I chose to meet Evan Peters. He’s the most amazing man and it was really an unforgettable experience, thank you so much Starlight.
– Amber

Evan was so kind and immediately put Amber and her family at ease. They chatted away over lunch like old friends and Amber gave Evan a t-shirt she’d had printed for him.

After lunch, Amber, Evan (in his new t-shirt!) and her family went to Ripley’s Believe It or Not and had great fun messing around with the waxworks. After exploring Ripley’s and taking lots of selfies, they headed back to the diner to talk some more!

Evan is such a kind, wonderful person. He is so down to earth and really went above and beyond to make Amber’s Starlight Wish so special.
– Su