Amy’s Dolphin Dream Comes True

Twenty-year-old Amy recently had her dearest wish to swim with dolphins granted by Starlight.

In May 2013 at the age of seventeen, Amy was diagnosed with Ewings sarcoma.  Since then, she has had to endure several bouts of medical treatment including the EURO EWING 99 Trial, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and a serious operation on her leg. As a result of her treatment and leg surgery, Amy gets very tired and has to use crutches . She also relies heavily on a wheelchair for long distances.

Before her diagnosis, Amy was very active and particularly enjoyed swimming but her illness had prevented her from doing so.

So when she was referred to Starlight, she knew exactly what her wish would be, an action-packed holiday-of-a-lifetime to swim with dolphins.

Once Amy was feeling strong enough, Starlight set about making her dream come true and soon Amy, her mum, dad and her sisters Emily, Claire and Lola were boarding a plane bound for Florida to experience a trip of a lifetime.

Amy loved visiting SeaWorld and watching the Shamu show but the real highlight was the much anticipated trip to Discovery  Cove where Amy was able to touch, swim and spends hours in the water with dolphins!

Amy said, “I can’t thank Starlight enough for turning my dream into a reality. The thought of my wish really helped me through my treatment and physio as it gave me and all my family something to look forward to. Swimming with the dolphins was truly magical; I had a Hickman line in previously so just being able to be in the water with my family and to walk and swim without my crutches made me forget about what I’d been through and made me more determined to get back to normal life, thank you so much!”