Anna went giddy for Frankie

Anna has been fighting acute lymphoblastic leukaemia for two years. Starlight heard about Anna’s dream to meet her favourite jockey Frankie Dettori, and the wish granters waved their wands and created some magic.

First off, Anna and her family were invited to visit Frankie Dettori’s home on Friday afternoon where she was greeted both by her hero Frankie and his great friend Ronan Keating! The family had a wonderful time in their company. That evening, Anna and her family were very excited to be watching Ronan performing with Boyzone at Newmarket Racecouse.

However, the wish wasn’t over yet for Anna. She was out on the gallops bright and early Saturday morning at Godolphin Stables watching Dettori train the horses.

Anna’s mother Samantha told us: “I’ll never forget the look on Anna’s face when she saw Frankie. It was as if she couldn’t quite believe it was happening and she wanted to take in as much of the moment as she could so that she would never forget it. Anna has never had such an amazing time; she will be able to look back on this forever.”

Anna has made a special book to keep all of her souvenirs and photographs in. Her wish proved to be a well-deserved boost for both Anna and her family at a time when they needed it most.