Becky gets the Starlight treatment from Holly and Fearne

Becky and her sister on London Eye

Twelve year old Becky from Dunstable had her dearest wish granted by Starlight – a girly pampering day in London with Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby.

Since 2004 and the discovery of an aggressive tumour on her right optic nerve, Becky has undergone a number of operations, including major neurosurgery, and intensive radiotherapy treatment.  Becky lost her sight in her right eye just before her sixth birthday and, despite having the eye removed, last year it was found that the tumour is still causing difficulties. 

With her life suddenly turned upside down by a life threatening condition, Becky was referred to Starlight for a once-in-a-lifetime wish, to give her some much needed fun and distraction and a special treat to look forward to. Becky asked Starlight if she could have a professional manicure and said: “If it’s not too much to ask, hopefully with a celebrity like Holly or Fearne.”

Becky’s mum Violet told Starlight: “We know Becky is special to us but for a celebrity to make Becky feel special would be out of this world. We couldn’t be more proud of our wonderful girl and it would be incredible if her dream could be fulfilled as we would never be able to give her a pamper day with a celebrity.”

When considering what wish she would choose, Becky also said that she dreamed of riding in a pink hummer limo and working in a dog grooming parlour and, determined to give her a very special day, Starlight arranged a couple of surprises for her…  [continues below]

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Watch a clip of Becky’s wish here

Becky travelled to London, thinking she would be touring the capital in a pink hummer limo. What Becky didn’t expect was to make her way to a dog grooming parlour where she spent a very happy few hours grooming four different dogs, painting the dog’s nails and dressing them in special pet outfits!

Becky was then told that, as a result of all her hard work looking after the dogs, she was going to be taken for her own pampering session at luxury health salon Cowshed. At the salon, there were a couple of unexpected treats in store for her. As Becky and her sister Danielle were relaxing and having their nails done, stars Fearne and Holly appeared at the window, ready to come in and give Becky some celebrity treatment of her own…

The girls giggled and chatted together and then Fearne and Holly presented Becky with a box of clothes from their fashion line VERY, including dresses, shoes and headbands! They also gave Becky the most amazing gift, her very own branded nail varnish called Becky’s Wish. The nail varnish is bright blue, Becky’s favourite colour, and is available for purchase exclusively at Cowshed, with all the proceeds going to Starlight.

Holly and Fearne then painted Becky’s nails – they did a hand each – before the whole family sat down to a delicious tea with the celebs. 

Becky said of her wish: “It is a day I will never forget in a million years, I wanted to burst into tears when I saw Holly and Fearne as I couldn’t believe they came to see me!”

Violet tells Starlight that, following her wish: “Becky is doing really well and continues to thrive at school, enjoying the company of her friends. We’d like to thank all our family and friends for all their support over the years.”

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