Brave Bradley’s Airfield Adventure!

Bradley Wood

Bradley at Wattisham Flying Station14 year old Bradley was diagnosed with Ewings sarcoma, which is a rare form of bone cancer, in March 2011.  Since the tumour was found, Bradley has had to have part of the humerus bone in his right arm removed and he has also had to endure an intensive course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.  

When he was referred to Starlight for a wish, Bradley decided that he would like to visit Wattisham Flying Station, the home of the British Army’s Apache attack helicopter.  Starlight contacted the team at Wattisham Flying Station and they were delighted to invite Bradley and his family to the airfield for a day they would never forget! 

One of the highlights of the action-packed day at Wattisham Flying Station for Bradley was being able to sit in an Apache attack helicopter, which really was a dream come true for this young military buff!  

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