Caragh’s Poptastic Wish

Nine-year-old Caragh was born with undetected kidney problems which led to Bacterial Meningitis when she was just six weeks old and in 2014, she was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, a condition that limits the kidney’s ability to function. As a result of her condition, Caragh has to take a high dose of steroids and immuno-supressants.

Caragh is a happy-go-lucky girl and loves all things girly. She adores singing and dancing and her favourite TV programme is The X Factor.

So when Caragh was referred to Starlight it didn’t take her long to choose her wish – to have an X Factor themed pop star makeover experience and record a song with her friends!

Starlight quickly set about making her dream come true and organised a day that Caragh and her friends would never forget!

The girls enjoyed a ride in a limousine, a pop star pampering session and shopping spree and an exclusive V.I.P party at the Star for a Day studios in Glasgow where they recorded two of Caragh’s favourite songs.

Caragh’s mum, Lynsey says, “It was fantastic (and emotional) to see Caragh laughing and smiling for the whole day– she was so happy to be sharing such an amazing experience with her friends; they really did have a ball!”